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Creative and Professional Services Provide superior creative expertise and consultation to businesses and clients that seek art and design direction, conceptualization, product development and marketing/branding initiatives. Marketing: Contribute knowledge and statistical directions as it relates to targeting the aging population. These services recommend clarity and understanding when seeking to sell to this audience. Most important, dispel discriminatory and preconceived ideology about the aging - both LGBT community and mainstream aging.
Professional Profile Fifteen years plus as a design professional. Accomplished in design, conceptualization, marketing and product development. I have applied my talent in home decor and textiles, social expression, also gifts and collectibles. In addition, excellent sales, customer service expertise and managerial leadership in a high volume global environment. (See resume for complete CV.)
Career Footprints My interest in art design began very early. I can't remember not being interested in drawing. This yearning continues through grade school, junior high and high school. I designed the covers for all three yearbooks! Studying commercial art triggered my interest for fashion, graphic design, classical and modern art. Attending Parsons School of Design was my dream. After graduating, I entered New York's garment industry. Here I began designing engineered patterns, icons and character. (Cut pattern parts) for toddlers and children. These skills advanced my designing to textile prints for women, men, children and home furnishings markets. In addition, my color aesthetic advanced. After working many years and developing a good reputation for design excellence and acumen for strong product development. I was recruited to Hallmark Cards, Inc. This experience was a career highlight. I fine-tuned my leadership, product development and art direction skills to prepare me for an evolving industry and a global marketplace. I honed how to market my talents to a variety of venues. Teaching, Real Estate Sales and Retail are positions I succeeded in translating my keen business sense, art direction, customer satisfaction skills, throughout my career I have embraced each new opportunity to grow and thrive creatively and professional. (See "about" and resume for complete details.)
Activities and Honors Throughout my illustrious career, I have been fortunate to take part on boards of reputable organizations, curate exhibits, entrepreneurship, and receive honors and recognition of my professional accomplishments in print and public engagements. (See Activities, Awards and Honors for complete details.)
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